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88697 446992 2
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1. Rolling In The Deep (3:48)
2. Rumour Has It (3:41)
3. Turning Tables (4:10)
4. Don't You Remember (4:03)
5. Set Fire To The Rain (4:01)
6. He Won't Go (4:37)
7. Take It All (3:48)
8. I'll Be Waiting (4:01)
9. One And Only (5:46)
10. Lovesong (5:16)
11. Someone Like You (4:45)

I remember seeing somewhere saying Adele created this album after a tough breakup and all the songs are about this guy. Frankly, the concept is quite silly but such kind of concept always sells as music is always our remedy for unhappiness. So broken-hearted people don't need to skip any track to cry a river through out the entire album. If you ain't heartbroken, you can pay attention to the carefully crafted melodies and Adele's emotional performance. The organic raw timbre is missed in many mega-selling records nowadays. "Someone Like You" is chosen to be the last cut of the record because Adele thinks she should be able to find someone like this guy after all. Her sentimental live performances of this song at BRIT Awards and MTV Video Music Awards took it to the pole of both UK and US single charts. When Lady Gaga had to jump from here to there to create a big drama on stage to push her songs to #1 but in vain, Adele proved that much less is much more. Favourite cuts include "Rolling In The Deep", "Don't You Remember", "Set Fire To The Rain", "Lovesong" and "Someone Like You". (16-October-2011)

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